The staff at Eagle are experienced, professional, and patient. I was/am a slow learner. Each staff member was patient and used techniques such as, “running backwards,” all day to help me get in the air. I am sure that’s not easy day after day. However, each day I arrived each staff member was enthusiastic and positive. I would highly recommend Eagle to anyone and everyone.

I researched a number of schools for my P2 and initially selected Eagle Paragliding due to the location which offers the most consistent flying days, affording the best learning environment. But I got so much more than I expected out of this school!! I was blown away by the investment of the instructions and the community. You are always meeting the most genuine and friendly people who are willing to offer up advice and tips. The curriculum was thorough and taught in a way that allowed me to go at my own pace and my own comfort level. I loved working with multiple instructors and learning different methods, theories, and applications. I have flown with other pilots that learned from a single instructor and feel that they have been disadvantaged by only learning one perspective. I truly felt like each of the instructors was rooting for me and their support has continued beyond my P2 training. Becoming a member of the Eagle Family is truly the greatest benefit of joining this program. I couldn’t have made a better choice than going through Eagle Paragliding for me free flight wings!

I have known the folks at Eagle since I flew out to Santa Barbara from Boston to put my P2 on a faster track. That was eleven years ago. Recently, Ive traveled twice to Colombia with Rob, Marite and their flock of incredible instructors. Eagle Paragliding has always been welcoming. They love paragliding and that comes through in every way. The winter trips to Colombia were so well planned. Everything was taken care. The quality of the instructors was top notch. Plus, they are all just seriously great guys. I consider Eagle where I started an incredible flying journey.