I chose Eagle Paragliding after searching for the best environment and service available for learning to paraglide. After completing their initial program, I believed that I had made the right choice. Now, many years later, I feel the same. Eagle has, in my opinion, consistently maintained standards of excellence for training new pilots, from ground school through certification. Their staff is well trained and tuned to the needs of each student. They are supportive, and maintain a high level of communication throughout the learning process. Their training hill is well situated with consistent conditions to train throughout the year as is the Santa Barbara area also a place where one can fly year round. Eagle offers tours for paragliding including Colombia S.A. where I have participated. I can imagine no better tour as Eagle employs some of the most accomplished paragliders in the U.S. to mentor each individual as well as orchestrate a complete experience in a beautiful environment. Rob Sporrer is the owner and person responsible for the success of Eagle. He has clearly dedicated himself to maintaining the high level of quality that Eagle Paragliding has become known for.