I am a Private pilot with Single Engine, Instrument and Sailplane ratings. I received my P2 Paraglider rating in 2004 after training with Eagle Paragliding School in Santa Barbara, California. Though my initial training was fun, efficient and adequate to get me safely airborne, I have been most impressed with Eagle’s commitment and follow up after I received my rating. Over the years years Eagle instructors have regularly coached and assisted me in becoming a safer and more proficient pilot. I have been transported in the school van to the top of the training hill and more local mountain launches than I can count. Only with this level of support was I able to enjoy many of my more spectacular flights to date. Flight in a paraglider is the most exciting and most natural form flying I have experienced. Paragliding is not a sport for everyone but everyone that that wants to fly a paraglider needs a school like Eagle Paragliding.