My experience with Eagle Paragliding has been tremendous. Not only are the instructors extremely knowledgable they are excellent teachers providing constant help and encouragement. And the teaching/mentoring continues long after the course is complete. The Eagle team has always been open and ready to answer questions and help me move into better skills. I am deeply grateful for Eagle and for their instructors who introduced me into the world of free flight.

I originally went with them because the price was great (Canada is substantially more) and later found out they were the number one school in the USA. After starting my classes I soon realized what a phenomenally good choice I had made. Not only was the instruction/instructors great but the staff made me feel very welcome. They are like a family. The staff treated me like I had known them forever and went out of their way to make me feel welcome. One instructor even went out of her way to pick me up on days I couldn’t get a ride to the training hill. I can honestly say that choosing eagle paragliding was the best decision I could’ve made. I came down from Banff, Alberta, Canada to take a course and learn another skill like any other adrenaline sport but ended up leaving with a lot more than I expected including a new set of friends that are professional and genuinely looking out for your well-being. I would highly recommend learning with eagle paragliding. They love their sports and are eager to share their passion with you and make you feel as comfortable as you possibly can.