I wanted to thank you for the superb training and service I received as a student at Eagle Paragliding. I really appreciate the hard work which you put into training students. You consistently placed safety first, illustrated a depth of knowledge, and taught with such enthusiasm that you made learning a very enjoyable experience. I feel fortunate to have attended your school, and to receive recommendations to train with you. In all cases, you took the time to do things right, going as slow as necessary to verify both my own skills and making sure I was properly inspecting any equipment we were using. In many instances I knew you could have taken short cuts or omitted training me on some aspect of paragliding, but you never did, often giving me more than was necessary in order to make me feel comfortable and a better pilot. Compared to the other instructors we encountered and the ones I’ve seen in the past, I felt you set the highest standard for safety. I believe your school, for as long as you continue to train, will produce well-developed, safe, properly trained pilots. In addition to feeling a sense of confidence around you based on your attention to safety, it was also clear that your depth of knowledge was outstanding. Clearly, you knew what you were doing, the terminology involved, and how to explain concepts in several ways such that new students could learn them. I also noticed that you were constantly striving to find new and effective ways to teach; something which marks you as a top-notch instructor. Finally, I was also deeply impressed by your ability to be both encouraging and positive no matter how difficult I or another student was. Your encouragement made a huge different, and set an example I personally will strive to hit in my own work as a trainer. As an instructor, I know how difficult it can be to train people, especially when they have disruptive personalities, attitudes, or are just plain having a hard day. Not once did you say anything negative, down-beat, or negative about anyone or anything they did. Even when we discussed the After Action Reviews following my flights, you always found a way to do so in non-threatening ways. Your devotion to a safe, positive training environment backed by your knowledge and experience combines to make your school one of the best out there.