I traveled from Seattle to Santa Barbara at the end of 2017 to earn my P2 rating with the Eagle team. The training hill at Elings is almost always flyable and has got to be one of the best places to learn in the US if not with world. After getting my P2, I traveled with Rob and his group of elite instructors to Colombia where I had 3 flights of three hours or more and more than 14 hours in one week. I now fly mostly at Tiger Mtn near Seattle and with the thermalling skills learned with Eagle Paragliding, I have had more the 20 flights of 1-3 hours and I am often near the top of the gaggle. Their instruction rates are significantly lower than the cost of learning in the Seattle area. If you are thinking of learning to paraglide, you will not find a better place or team to learn from than Eagle Paragliding.