Eagle Team, I would like to extend my appreciation to you for the excellent instruction you provided. I have wanted to get my P2 certification for quite some time. I had originally planned on going up to Washington but due to my uncertain schedule I was unable to fix a date well enough in advance to secure a spot. In retrospect, I believe that turned out for my best. Your instruction met and exceeded all my expectations.

There are several things that I will always remember.
1) Your emphasis on patience and safety.
2) Your emphasis on mastering ground handling skills prior to any flights.
3) Your positive and encouraging outlook toward the sport and your students.
4) Your sense of friendship that transcended the training.

From the combined reading material, simulator, and watching you decide when the conditions were right, I gained an example of a patient and meticulous outlook that I hope I will always follow. The three days of ground handling (kiting) left my muscles a bit sore but gave me confidence for what the wing should feel like. I will never lose the sense of importance of good ground handling skills. The final day, when the right conditions for ridge soaring presented itself was, of course, the coup de grace. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to see many other pilots fly and it has only increased my appreciation for the training I received. I wish you the best in the future of your school and look forward to seeing you as the opportunity may present itself.