I have been trained by several instructors in my 12 years of paragliding and I would recommend Eagle Paragliding over all of them. I consider the guys at Eagle Paragliding to be my paragliding family. I’ve trained with them, flown beside them, traveled to foreign countries with them and bought lots of gear from them over the last 8 years. I trust them completely to look after me.Flying tandem under Eagle instruction several times has given me complete trust in their judgment and expertise. You guys are highly skilled with mountain and coastal flying and you are able to communicate the knowledge to the students clearly; one thing I find very important and rare.To be a good teacher it takes patience, passion, focus, intuition and a unique ability to effectively convey information. To be a great teacher it takes all those qualities and love for your students. These guys are great teachers! I have watched your instructors train beginning students. You are all committed to safety and work with each student at their level of skill. I encourage anyone considering training in paragliding to do it with Rob Sporrer and his staff of instructors at Eagle Paragliding. I couldn’t suggest anyone more honest, competent and dedicated.