If you want to get into paragliding call Rob. I repeat: if you want to get into paragliding, call Eagle Paragliding. When I decided I wanted to try out free flight, I had no idea it would be so much fun and addicting. Eagle is in my mind the best school on earth to learn the sport. The instructors (ALL OF THEM) are truly some of the best teachers I have ever interacted with. The training hill at Elings Park is renowned nationwide for its predictable safe learning environment. And the multi student environment allows you to fraternize with pilots both above and below your current skill level. This is super helpful! I have made life long friends at the training hill. Eagle also makes a point that once you become a student, you are a student for life. So anytime you need to brush up or test your new gear I know someone always has my back. If you want the best ever by far, go Eagle.