I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Eagle Paragliding. I remember my training program quite well, in particular a few things. I was constantly getting quality information, while somehow managing being lectured. I used to teach as well – and I was usually exhausted after 3 hours. My eagle instructors went back to back days without missing a beat. If the students were listening, they were learning something new. The instructors consistently listened to students when they had questions, or simply wanted to discuss the topics at hand. They made it clear they was always interested in hearing his students’ perspectives as well.I saw patience with those students who needed more time than others, while still encouraging them to take the next step when they were ready. Conversely, when students were doing the wrong thing, the instructors were always clear and appropriate. They took the time always to go over the students’ methods and make sure they understood how to do better on their next step. The staff was serious about the sport and its details and its risks, but still always made it clear that the point was to have fun and celebrate the flying. This was an excellent and rarely found combination. I’ve referred to Eagle everyone who has asked me for a recommendation on a paragliding instructor, and will continue to do so.