it’s been few months since I have completed my training with Eagle Paragliding, and got my P2 rating. During this time I did some flying on my own at sites other than Santa Barbara. I met other P2 and more advanced pilots, and some instructors. It gradually became apparent to me how lucky I am to have Eagle as my school. I noticed that my ground handling, takeoff, in flight control, and landing abilities are better than those of the other novice pilots. I contribute all of this to your exceptional instruction. During the class I was pleased that our relation felt more like friendship than a business one. Initially you spent enough time on ground handling and kiting, and successfully conveyed to us how important those are, which really helped me later when flying off the mountains. Another thing I learned from you was the important skills of understanding the weather and reading the terrain. Your web site is a very good hub for weather information. I am also very satisfied with the equipment I got from you. It is a perfect fit for my size and abilities. Thank you, thank you, for making my introduction to paragliding such a pleasant and exiting experience. P.S. I am religiously maintaining my flight log book, and looking forward of becoming a P3 pilot when I am ready.