I used a careful process in assessing whether to learn Paragliding, and considering the options of who to study Paragliding with. In selecting Eagle Paragliding I made an outstanding choice, … but not for the initial reasons I initially thought about. Bottom line: the team and community of folks at Eagle Paragliding, as well as the overall paragliding community in Santa Barbara have provided a level of personal support, encouragement and guidance on a day to day basis, continuing long after training. I only became aware of the importance of those elements long after my initial selection. The individual members of the Eagle team have been great during the training process, and continue in their support now. It has been two years since my first flight. I’ve had about 150 flights on the training hill and perhaps 50 in the mountains in Santa Barbara and elsewhere. Paragliding is a life altering experience. The learning is not a frivolous exercise. Focus, Study, Allocate the time needed, be cautious… then enjoy the challenge with, and learn from, the very best family .. Eagle Paragliding.