Eagle is one of the biggest US importers of Paragliding Equipment and Products. The brands that we import are the highest quality in design, performance, and construction. Pilots who are just entering the sport are often unaware of the reputation that different brands have. They simply purchase whatever equipment is suggested by their instructor. Eagle students have the advantage of choosing from the premium brands that we offer. In addition, when a novice or intermediate pilot is looking to upgrade to another glider, and the student has developed a knowledge of the products available and done their research, they often express interest in one of our brands. We have been approached by numerous companies to import their equipment, but we are privileged enough to be able to choose from the best brands in the world.

We currently exclusively import Niviuk, and UP paraglider brands, and the Woody Valley harness brand. Eagle supplies dealers, customers, and students with the biggest selection of paragliding products in the United States. You can check out our large line of products in our Online Paragliding Store

Check out our Paragliding Wings page for details on all the wings we sell.