Austin comes from Northwest Montana on the outskirts of Glacier National Park. He has a hand in almost every adventure sport you can think of, trying to get the most out of every day. Austin is also a class 5 whitewater kayaker spent 4 years teaching and guiding Whitewater kayaking on the rivers in Missoula. His first cousin is Matt “Farmer” Beechinor who instructed with Eagle in Santa Barbara, and guided on our Mexico and Colombia Tours for years. Keeping with the family tradition, it was only natural for Austin to step off and begin his journey into paragliding in 2017 with Eagle. Austin has put in over a year working as an apprentice Instructor before becoming a USHPA Instructor. He has loads of positive energy and enthusiasm for everyone he gets to share his love of paragliding with here in Santa Barbara. We are lucky to have Austin on the team. He is always ready for anything we throw his way. Austin’s Motto is “Your attitude determines your altitude”.

Skills – Pilot Certification, Cross Country, Tandem Pilot