Bald Eagle

As our newest addition to the Eagle team, Blake has continuously pursued his passion for free flight while striving to share his love for the sport with others. Although he just graduated from Boston College in 2020, Blake has spent a large portion of his time ski instructing, leading bike tours, and guiding backpacking trips in the Swiss Alps before coming to Eagle. He also spent a year living in France, Switzerland, and New Zealand to chase the birds and become the best pilot he can be. After joining Eagle in 2020, Blake has split his time between coaching at our training hill and servicing paragliders at our brick and mortar shops. In his free time, he has been working to become integrated in the paragliding competition scene, having just placed 2nd in 2020’s Applegate Open Sprint Race. You will often find Blake in the sky, either chasing cross country lines, soaring at the coast, playing at our training hill or working towards becoming an acro pilot, for Blake often says that every day is a good day when your feet leave the ground.



Skills –  Pilot Certification, Cross Country, Glider Trimming, Reserve Repacks, Inspection and Maintenance, Repair Shop Operations