Kevin has been working with Eagle since 2006. He has worked extensively with students at the training hill, and joined us as a staff instructor on many of our tours all over the world. Kevin has also played a big role in our SIV training. He has been a tow technician, boat driver, and coach at the SIV clinics. He has gleaned a great deal of information with all his time at the clinics, and is a good instructor to talk to about maneuvers and SIV training. Kevin is a very patient teacher, and does an amazing job helping each student achieve their goals. He really understands flying concepts and does an outstanding job in communicating these concepts to all of his students. He is also a tandem instructor and mountain guide locally. Kevin was a fixed wing pilot as well, so he has a great deal of aviation knowledge in general.

Skills – Pilot Certification, Cross Country, Tandem Instruction, Clinics, Tour Guiding, towing, XC Instructor, Tow Technician.