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Logan is a Santa Barbara local who has been flying some sort of flying apparatus since the age of 17. In addition to teaching paragliding, he is a professional helicopter instructor out of Los Angeles, and also guides for Eagle privately, and on our clinics and tours. In March of 2020, Logan cracked off a 111 Mile flight from our main Santa Barbara for a new site record.  He flew further than any Hang Glider or Paraglider has ever flown XC from Santa Barbara.  He has been training hard for the hike and fly adventure racing events.  He has done The Eiger Tour, The X-Pyr, and is one of two Americans selected for the next Red-Bull X-Alps Race. He has started USA Hike & Fly to mentor and grow this part of our sport.  When he’s not in the air, tuning gliders at the eagle shop, repacking reserves, or instructing, Logan can be found in the surf line up, rock climbing.  Lucky to have this guy on the team.  He does it all.

Skills – Pilot Certification, Cross Country, Tandem Instruction, SIV Clinics, Tow Technician, Glider Technician, Guiding Privately and on our Clinics and Tours