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Aluminium Hook Knife


This is a basic and affordable aluminum hook knife. It features 2 opposing stainless steel blades, anodized aluminum handle, and a pocket sheath that you can mount on your harness.

Austrialpin Steel Carabiner – Powerfly


This Austrialpin Stainless Steel carabiner is the steel locking carabiner that we use as our Steel Carabiner. Highly recommended for all Tandem setups. Note the Carabiners are $34 each, or $68 for a pair.

Eagle Leg Stirrup


Use this foot stirrup to get into your harness after launching, without having to grab your risers, which most of the time causes you to release the pressure from the brakes.

This product includes the Metal Slides needed to create a loop to attach the stirrup to your harness. The metal slides are not shown in the product image.

Finsterwalder Quick Release Carabiner (Pair)


The Charly Finsterwalder separation carabiner is used whenever a reliable connection and if necessary a rapid separation also under load is important. It is suitable for the safe attachment of loads – in particular persons – and for outdoor use.

It has proven itself especially during police helicopter missions, the military, and the mountain rescue service.

In paragliding, the Quick-Out is used for the separation of the glider when a steerable rescue system is deployed.

By simultaneously pushing both release buttons, pilot and aircraft are separated effortlessly. In safety trainings, the separation of the glider after a rescue chute deployment turned out to be advantageous.

Besides the rescue options in case of emergency landings in water, trees, and high winds, the Quick-Out also offers handling advantages compared to conventional carabiners.

Flow Drogue Chute


The Flow D-CHUTE is a drag parachute designed specifically to aid a quick descent rate in high performance paragliders.

When in use, D-CHUTE will reduce the G-forces encountered in steep spiral dives therefore increasing the sink rate.

Our drag parachute is easy to use, effective and important device to be used to lose height when needed.

Light and compact, 195g. It is the smallest and lightest drag parachute in the market.

Geigerrig Hydration Engine


This is hands down the best hydration system on the market. We have gone through numerous other hydration systems (will not name all of them), and the Geigerrig is the most durable and most practical. To keep it short, you can stand on this bladder with all your weight and it will not break, you have the option of pumping it up with air to pressurize it so you can drink easier, its easier to fill up, and you can turn it inside out to clean it in the dishwasher. The Geigerrig has won 2 “best new product of the year” awards at outdoor conventions in 2011 . The whole Eagle Team has ditched their previous hydration systems and all gotten the new Giegerrig. This thing is sweet!


HA Speed System Release System


If you use Charly Quick-Out carabiners on a (solo) paraglider which has a speed system (as they generally do!) then you will need a separate separation system for the speed system otherwise you will have a problem when you activate the Quick-Out carabiners to release from the paraglider – i.e. the paraglider will remain attached to your speed system, which will defeat the purpose of the Quick-Out carabiners!

Main Brake Line Set (pair)


Our brake line sets are cut long to fit any size glider.  There is a sewn loop at one end which you girth hitch to your brake cascade.  The other end of the line is run through the pulley on your rear risers, and tied to your brake handle.  We suggest keeping your old brake line on the glider while installing your new set.  This way you can mark the line to get the same exact length to match your preference of the old brake line set.

Mountain High EDS O2D1 Oxygen System


This is the basic Pulse-Demand Oxygen system used by paragliders and hang gliders. This kit comes with the XCR primary reducing regulator, low-pressure service line, and the EDS unit and the breathing cannula and face mask. The low-pressure service line is a high quality polyurethane line that is kink-resistant and flexible under varying temperatures. The cannula, face mask and service line connect to the EDS unit via color-coded “Quick-Connects” providing an air-tight fitting by hand. These fittings can be connected and disconnected many times.

The unit is very easy to use, and the instructions are well written. You can set your unit to begin releasing oxygen at a desired altitude. We recommend flying with the nasal cannula. The EDS system senses the pressure change when you inhale, and releases a dose of O2 making for a very efficient system. You will stay warm at altitude, and make better decisions on your flights with a good oxygen supply.

Mountain High XCR Oxygen System


The XCR(Cross Country Racer) is different from the EDS unit. The XCR unit is a continuous flow unit which makes it less efficient than the EDS units. The pilot will need to adjust the Oxygen flow as desired during the flight instead of being dosed by an EDS unit. You may want a larger AL series aluminum cylinders like the AL 180 with the XCR system since it is less efficient than the EDS system, and you are bound to use more of your oxygen supply.

The XCR system is comprised of the cylinder, the radial style primary reducing XCR regulator, 5 ft. of high-quality kink-proof 4mm OD polyurethane tubing, one XCR control-holster with either a MH3 or MH4 flow meter with remote on/off valve and an “M” type Oxymizer oxygen conserving cannula. The system can be strapped to your flight-suit or hang gliding harness. There are ‘D’ rings on the corners of the pilot control harness/holster for mounting to an arm, leg, shoulder-strap, uprights or almost any suitable object. All XCR systems includes tote bag for the breathing station(s).

Niviuk – Kase


Maximum safety in its most compact form.

The Kase takes up little volume, is easy to use and becomes the ideal component to incorporate a rescue parachute in any harness.

Niviuk Ergo Handle Bar Set


Niviuk’s Ergo Handles are designed to alleviate pressure off your hands for those pilots who take a wrap, especially for tandem pilots. They are designed specifically for pilot comfort. Based off the Ergo XC design, these new handles can fit on any brake toggle with a swivel. They distribute the load evenly on your hands, and help avoid cutting off blood flow to your fingers.

Niviuk Speed Bar


This speedbar comes standard with all Niviuk gliders. Includes nylon rope with brummel hooks. 2 step design. 1st step is soft, 2nd step is rigid with support within the webbing.

Niviuk Spreader Bars – Rigid (Pair)


Can accommodate quick-outs.

These are the best spreader bars we have seen. Strong, large attachment points make it easy to hook in all carabiners. Nice choice of attachment points, reserve carabiner cover.

The spreader bars do not include the carabiners or quick links shown in the photo.