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Main Brake Line Set (pair)


Our brake line sets are cut long to fit any size glider.  There is a sewn loop at one end which you girth hitch to your brake cascade.  The other end of the line is run through the pulley on your rear risers, and tied to your brake handle.  We suggest keeping your old brake line on the glider while installing your new set.  This way you can mark the line to get the same exact length to match your preference of the old brake line set.

Niviuk Ergo Handle Bar Set


Niviuk’s Ergo Handles are designed to alleviate pressure off your hands for those pilots who take a wrap, especially for tandem pilots. They are designed specifically for pilot comfort. Based off the Ergo XC design, these new handles can fit on any brake toggle with a swivel. They distribute the load evenly on your hands, and help avoid cutting off blood flow to your fingers.

UP Acro Handles (Pair)


These handles have an adjustable velcro grip, covered in Neoprene. So, you can customize the size of the handle to your hand or gloves. We have had some high altitude mountain pilots use these, and adjust them to their maximum size so they can fit their super large winter gloves into the handles. The handle also comes with a magnet snap and standard snap to fit whatever kind of snaps your risers have.

UP C Handles (Pair)


Comfort and Performance

By using the new UP C handles, controlling the angle of attack of your paraglider with the risers is now easier and more effective. With their ergonomic fit and easy handling, you save fortitude and energy on long distance flights as well as in competitions.

The UP C handles can be retrofitted on all risers with a 12 mm wide webbing. If you need more information about this, Check out the video on the bottom of the page on the UP Website.

Included in the package:

  • 2 x Handles
  • 2 x riser webbing inserts
  • Bolts & Nuts
  • Allen Key