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Mountain High EDS O2D1 Oxygen System


This is the basic Pulse-Demand Oxygen system used by paragliders and hang gliders. This kit comes with the XCR primary reducing regulator, low-pressure service line, and the EDS unit and the breathing cannula and face mask. The low-pressure service line is a high quality polyurethane line that is kink-resistant and flexible under varying temperatures. The cannula, face mask and service line connect to the EDS unit via color-coded “Quick-Connects” providing an air-tight fitting by hand. These fittings can be connected and disconnected many times.

The unit is very easy to use, and the instructions are well written. You can set your unit to begin releasing oxygen at a desired altitude. We recommend flying with the nasal cannula. The EDS system senses the pressure change when you inhale, and releases a dose of O2 making for a very efficient system. You will stay warm at altitude, and make better decisions on your flights with a good oxygen supply.

Mountain High XCR Oxygen System


The XCR(Cross Country Racer) is different from the EDS unit. The XCR unit is a continuous flow unit which makes it less efficient than the EDS units. The pilot will need to adjust the Oxygen flow as desired during the flight instead of being dosed by an EDS unit. You may want a larger AL series aluminum cylinders like the AL 180 with the XCR system since it is less efficient than the EDS system, and you are bound to use more of your oxygen supply.

The XCR system is comprised of the cylinder, the radial style primary reducing XCR regulator, 5 ft. of high-quality kink-proof 4mm OD polyurethane tubing, one XCR control-holster with either a MH3 or MH4 flow meter with remote on/off valve and an “M” type Oxymizer oxygen conserving cannula. The system can be strapped to your flight-suit or hang gliding harness. There are ‘D’ rings on the corners of the pilot control harness/holster for mounting to an arm, leg, shoulder-strap, uprights or almost any suitable object. All XCR systems includes tote bag for the breathing station(s).