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UP – Asgard Gloves


One of the true classics in the UP accessories range, the Asgard gloves, have recieved a complete model overhaul – allow us to introduce the Asgard 2! These new gloves are set to become another one of those items which you just never want to forget at home. Built with a wind-sealer membrane, they are warm enough for 3-season flying, and feature push-button help on the index finger as well as friction and wear coating on exposed surfaces. Made from 90% polyesther and 10% PU. See your local UP dealer to try these updated UP classics!

UP – Kinley Gloves


Flying in winter can be great, but only when the fingers aren’t coming off. And spring thermals take you higher, where the exact same problems occur – it gets uncomfortably cold for the fingers. So we made a glove for this time of year, in a membrane design and a stylish look.

UP – Vesuv gloves


The Vesuv gloves by UP offers 3-season protection and warmth with a comfortable fit. The combination of soft goat leather (water-repellent). and stretch material (wind- and waterproof) makes it durable and flexible. These elements are isolated, and thus offer comfort and durability in mild and colder temperatures. The glove is touch screen compatible, enabling the the pilot to switch screens and navigate in the air. A special feature is the double finger touch: There is a touch point at the front of the index finger, this is ideal for wiping on the instrument/phone. There is another touch point on the top of the index finger, giving you easy access to having the dexterity even for typing numbers. The palm is equipped with rubber dots for a slip-proof grip. The knitted cuffs ensure a snug fit at the wrist.

Zanier Heated Aviator GTX Gloves


Zanier heated ski gloves are now lighter and heat better and longer than ever before.

These men’s heated gloves will now keep your hands comfortably warm for up to 10 hours. The top-quality Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are a mere 50 grams and hidden away in the gloves where you will barely feel them. The innovative Impulse Control processor-control technology warms your hands reliably and also stimulates the blood circulation in your fingers. The temperature in these heated gloves for men stay constant for hours. The temperature in the men’s heated gloves stay constant for hours.