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Instructor Clinic


We are also the instructors instructor, and have the only Administrator on the south coast to certify experienced pilots as both tandem pilots and basic/advanced instructors. You may have heard if you really want to learn how to do something, learn how to teach it well. This definitely applies to paragliding Paragliding. Its been wonderful to see our students go from their first training days, to becoming an experienced pilot, then flying higher and farther than the instructor who certified them! Jesse Meyer trained with Eagle back in 2004, and became an instructor in 2011, and started his own school Lift Paragliding in the bay area. He was awarded the Instructor Of The Year award in 2013. In fact, Jesse has the highest long-term student retention statistics in the country for instructors who have signed off at least 100 Novice ratings(69.6%). This means more of his students are still flying than any other school, likely because Jesse subscribes to a similar view on how important it is to offer continuing education in the mountains, and build community in the sport. Be sure visit Jesse at his school Lift Paragliding if you are in the bay area.

SIV Clinic


A confidence inspiring hands-on experience over 3 and a half days
SIV stands for Simulated Incident in Flight. Then why isn’t it SIF. Well the French got a head start on us here, and the French translation is ‘Simulation d’Incident en Vol’ and roughly translated means simulating unstable situations in flight. Vol means Flight in French so we call it SIV. These clinics gives pilots a new awareness of their wing and how to handle events which are presented while flying in the wild. Participating in a SIV Clinic will increase a pilot’s confidence and open a new dimension of flying a paraglider. The SIV Clinic goes beyond theory. You get hands on experience, and develop the feel to handle situations instinctually.

No-Refund Policy *
Due to the unpredictability of weather and the limited nature of our service we are unable to offer refunds for SIV clinics.



Oct 1-4

Oct 22-25

Nov 5-8

Tandem Clinic


To become a Tandem Instructor you need an Advanced rating, Turbulence sign-off, AND minimum 200 hours of logged air time OR 100 hours with 500 flights of at least 500 ft. vertical descent OR 100 hours with 500 flights of 2 minutes duration or longer. The Tandem Instructor Rating is regarded as the highest rating a pilot can achieve according to Eagle Paragliding. This rating requires Tandem Instructors to represent our sport to the public at large. This rating requires pilot experience, skill, and judgment. We are granted the ability to fly tandems as an instructional flight by the FAA. This exemption is renewed if all tandem pilots operating in the United States continue to follow the guidelines of the exemption.

Thermal XC Clinic


Learning to stay in the game, and connects the dots
Pilots are able to gain valuable insights at the thermal clinic, which helps increase their flight duration moving forward. We get more thermal experience when we can stay up for longer periods of time. These longer duration flights really help pilots develop a feel for tracking and coring thermals. Once you have improved your thermaling technique you are ready to start connecting the dots and flying cross country. Our Thermal XC Clinics follow the same organization and execution as our worldwide tours. There are great locations in North America year-round. Our history in continually bringing together top instructors who are world class pilots in the sport to work as a team is unmatched. Most clinics give you a 10 to 1 student instructor ratio. Our tours have always had a 5 to 1 maximum on our student instructor ratio. Our two decades of experience running tours has shown us the quality diminishes significantly with a student instructor ratio any higher than 5 to 1. We team fly in our clinics when we start making moves to fly cross country much like a gaggle in a paragliding competition. Coaching a gaggle of 10 pilots is unrealistic, and smaller student instructor ratios are a world of difference. Having the smaller ratio allows us to group you with pilots of similar levels, which prevents more experienced pilots from being held back. Our clinic Instructors are actually professional pilots who bring years of real world XC and race to goal experience.

March 6-8 – 3 days– Santa Barbara Clinic
April 4-6 – 3 days – Santa Barbara Clinic
May 15-17 – 3 days – Marshall Clinic – Cancelled
June 7-12 – 6 days – Woodrat Mountain Clinic – Cancelled
September 11-13 – 3 days – Pine Mountain Clinic SOLD OUT!
October 10-12 – 3 days – Owens Valley Clinic SOLD OUT!
November 13-15 – 3 days – Santa Barbara Clinic
December 12-14 – 3 days – Santa Barbara Clinic