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Beamer 3


In 1995 the Beamer opened a new chapter in the history of paraglider reserve parachutes. Our Rogallo concept changed the scene for ever, and the Beamer 1 still waits, ready for action, in many harnesses. In 2010 the Beamer 2 set another benchmark for steerable reserves. Its proven concept, new features and improved qualities convincingly established the Beamer 2 in the market. The Beamer 3 builds on the best features of the Beamer 2. A completely redeveloped Beamer 3 riser system improves opening, operation and installation – the success story continues!

Beamer 3 Light


The BEAMER 3 light is all a BEAMER 3, but thanks to the optimized weight of its materials, it is more than 400 grams lighter than normal. In addition to lower weight, its volume is also smaller. With its 1370 grams, the BEAMER 3 light is one of the lightest airship parachutes on the market.

HA Beamer Extension Kit


Risers for Beamer 3 are set up for shoulder mounting as standard. To connect Beamer 3 to the main carabiners using front container a pair of short extensions is needed. This package includes 1 green and 1 red short extension plus 2 Rubber O Rings 21mm.

HA Speed System Release System


If you use Charly Quick-Out carabiners on a (solo) paraglider which has a speed system (as they generally do!) then you will need a separate separation system for the speed system otherwise you will have a problem when you activate the Quick-Out carabiners to release from the paraglider – i.e. the paraglider will remain attached to your speed system, which will defeat the purpose of the Quick-Out carabiners!