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Charly Diamond Cross Steerable LT


The new DIAMONDcross ST from Charly presents three main innovations:

It has a defined forward speed in diagonal direction with the effect of a significantly reduced sink speed. This results on the one hand in a higher aspect ratio compared to conventional cruciform canopies, those propulsion mainly takes place towards one side, and on the other hand in the asymmetrical air flow of the convex sides of the DIAMONDcross canopy, thereby receiving an ascending forced optimized profile.

The horizontal movement which is typical for every modern round canopy and cruciform canopy, can be steered for the DIAMONDcross ST in a certain direction, if required. Obstacles like e.g. power lines can thus be avoided and an emergency landing field can be precisely approached with a glide ratio of ca. 1:1,5. There are no disadvantages for the DIAMONDcross ST compared with conventional cruciform canopies.

The DIAMONDcross has different line lengths which has the effect that the strips of the canopy don’t lie on top of each other when packing the canopy. This diversification causes an easier air inlet when opening and thus an increased opening speed compared to conventional cruciform canopies. The packing of the DIAMONDcross is not more time-consuming or more complex than for a normal cruciform canopy.

The super light DC thus combines the low packing effort of round- and cruciform canopies with the controlability of Rogallo rescue systems. For the DIAMONDcross, there is no risk of “downplane” directly after opening, which is the case for Rogallo rescue systems, also when flown too slow, if it opens with the top downwards.

The concept of the DIAMONDcross works without prebraking and therefore the system remains very easy to handle and is reliable.

Diamond Cross Video

Niviuk Octagon 2


At Niviuk we believe that a reserve parachute is an essential piece of gear to guarantee pilot safety, and hence selecting the best model is as important as choosing the rest of the equipment. Having all these elements together working in sync allow the pilot to fly with peace of mind.

The Octagon 2 has been upgraded and now has packing tabs.

Octagon 2 Size 26 S  (60 – 80 kg) 1,1 kg
Octagon 2 Size 32 M (80 – 100 kg) 1,3 kg
Octagon 2 Size 38 L (100 – 120 kg) 1,5 kg
Octagon 2 Size 45 XL (120 – 140 kg) 1,72 kg
Octagon 2 Size 55 XXL (140 – 170 kg) 2.48 kg
Octagon 2 Size 67 Tandem (170 – 210 kg) 2.92 kg


UP Profile Light (<100 kg)


The UP Profile Light is a versatile partner; use it alone for your para-alpinist adventures, or use it in conjunction with a normal integrated reserve to double your chances in, say, a competition environment. The Profile Light outer container is shaped like an instrument cockpit, complete with Velcro attachement for all the flight electronics and clips to your main karabiners.