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Instructor Candidates are welcome to Apprentice with Eagle anytime

Vol-Biv Clinic (VOL BIV 101)  – one day / one night

The idea here is to run an accessible clinic to a wide skill set of pilots, and base it out of Santa Barbara/ Happy Canyon.
Topics include:
  • Equipment
  • Team Flying
  • Advanced Launching & Landing Techniques
  • Weather Analysis from the field
  • Choosing Routes
  • General Vol-Biv Camping Practices
  • 7:00am – Training hill for light wind takeoff and landing skills
  • 9:30am – Head to the mountains for team flying
  • 3:30pm – Happy Canyon for high wind practice
  • 8:00pm – Campfire talk and using the Vol-Biv kit
  • Sunday – Wake up and go for a quick hike and glide before saying goodbye

The Fine Print — Vol-Biv Clinic

Deposits and full clinic payments are refundable only if a qualified replacement can be found. Clinic spaces are transferable to another individual. Eagle Paragliding reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the tour programs or fees at any time. We strongly recommend that pilot have their own medical insurance, and travel medical insurance. If you have anything you feel may prevent you from having the physical or mental ability please contact us to inquire. There are no credits if we are unable to complete tour flying due to weather. Signing up for the Instructor Clinic does not guarantee you will receive a rating, and there are no refunds if the Administrator feels you don’t qualify to be an instructor for any reason.