Before You Order ..

You must complete the Eagle Service Ticket Form before sending us your items to be serviced. You can expect return shipping costs to be around the same price you paid to ship you service items to Eagle. Annual inspections increase the paragliders sale value, and allows the seller and buyer to be confident on the wings condition and value at the time of sale. They also give pilots confidence knowing their glider is in top shape. We also offer Laser Trim Tuning to ensure side to side and front to back symmetry of your glider. The rear lines tend to shrink more since the carry less load than the lines at the front of your glider. Laser Trim Tuning lets us optimize your wing and bring it back to its intended line trim. Eagle will contact you with any additional recommended service suggestions to go over your options before we do any extra work.

$175 Annual Inspections

  • Visual Condition Check
    (risers, seams, stitching, attachment points, lines, internal exam)
  • Porosity test
  • Line Replacements (2 included)
  • Patch small tears and pin holes (2 included)
  • wing clean out

$295 Annual Inspections with Laser Trim Tuning

  • Full Annual Inspection listed above
  • Complete Laser measurement of total line lengths
  • Tuning of main lines to bring glider back to trim
  • Line break test