Before You Order

You must complete the Eagle Service Ticket Form before sending us your items to be serviced. You can expect return shipping costs to be around the same price you paid to ship your service items to Eagle. In most other forms of aviation, annual inspections are required for an individual to legally fly their aircraft. In fact, countries such as New Zealand require paragliders to undergo an inspection every year. First and foremost, they give pilots confidence knowing their glider is in top shape, or at the very least, is still airworthy. Moreover, annual inspections raise the resale value of gliders, giving you as the seller hard accurate data regarding the condition of your glider.

Just as important as annual inspections are Laser Trim Tuning. The effects of a glider being out of trim can present safety issues affecting both glider performance and handling, poor collapse recovery, and bad launching characteristics. Most of the load on a paraglider is on the A and B line sets.  The lines behind the A and B line sets tend to shrink more since they take less of the wing loading. Your lines will shrink over time, often more asymmetrically from side to side and front to back than one may think. Side to side inconsistencies in your line lengths can cause the glider to fly less efficiently, and can force the pilot to compensate for the glider always trying to turn towards one direction. Front to back inconsistencies make a glider’s trim speed slower, harder to launch, and closer to spin or stall while flying.  Laser Trim Tuning allows us to optimize the length of your lines, bringing your glider much closer to the manufacturer’s intended line lengths. Through our years of experience, we have discovered gliders need to be tuned after 75-100 hours of use. Laser trim tunes will also equip you with even more information to ensure you can get the most value when you decide to sell your wing.

Eagle will contact you with any additional recommended service suggestions to go over your options before we do any extra work.

$235 Annual Inspections

  • Visual and Physical Inspection Checks
    • Riser symmetry, fraying, pulley system lube.
    • Damage to ALL lines , quick link connections, O-ring deterioration.
    • Torn sheathing, core exposure, line burn, and fraying.
    • Attachment point integrity, confirm girth hitch connections.
    • Inspection of glider fabric, seams, and leading edge wear.
  • Porosity Test – We ten different spots on the wing’s fabric. We use industry standards to determine how much life the glider has left in it, and if it’s still airworthy.
  • Clean Out – We hang your glider upside down on our rack, and clean out each cell of your wing removing any debris.
  • Small Fixes – We address poor connections of lark’s head attachment points, and patch small tears and pin holes (up to 4 included).
  • Annual Inspection Report – Detailed Annual Inspection Report including notes on all services your glider received, which boosts your resale value.

$430 Annual Inspections with Laser Trim Tuning

  • Full Annual Inspection listed above
  • Complete Laser measurement of total line lengths
  • Tuning of main lines to bring glider back to trim