Your One Stop Paragliding Service Shop

Our full service shop will repair your damaged glider, and get you back in the air. Please tie a visible line or ribbon on the areas needing repair, and on any line needing to be replaced. We will inspect the glider upon receipt, and having you mark problems area will reduce your cost and the amount of time discovering issues. Select the 1 hour Glider Repair below if your wing needs repair. This will get us started. We can draw up a quote, and get back to you before we begin work if needed.You can describe the details of what you need by completing our  Eagle Service Ticket Form before sending us your items to be serviced.


Don’t Forget to Complete The Eagle Service Ticket Order Form

We will manufacture lines needing replacement on your wing. We suggest sending us your glider if it has over 100 hours.  Its likely your line set has shrunk over time, and lines lengths in the owners manual are different that the current line lengths on your glider.  Attaching the original length line will make your glider asymmetric.  You can measure the line on your own but it must be made under a 5kg load, otherwise there can be discrepancies.  We suggest you send your glider to our shop if you are uncertain about how to measure the line length under a 5kg load. Laser Trim Tuning is suggested fro any glider with 150 hours.  Your glider is certainly out of optimal trim after 150 hours. Eagle will contact you with any additional recommended service suggestions to go over your options before we do any extra work.

Shop Rates

  • $65 Hourly repair rate on glider repair
  • $25 Glider fabric per meter
  • $25 Brake line
  • $20 Main line
  • $15 Upper line
  • $400 complete line set install