Estimated lead time: 2-3 Weeks

We will manufacture, and mail or install lines needing replacement on your wing. We charge standard rates for line replacements. This allows our customers to have a better idea of how much their repair will cost while eliminating the arbitrary and subjective nature of hourly rates. 

  • Self Service (mains and uppers) $28 Per Line – We mail your lines.
  • Main Line Full Service  $50 Per Line – You send us your glider, and we do it all.
  • Upper Line Full Service  $55 Per Line – You send us your glider, and we do it all.

Self Service Orders apply to both Main and Upper Lines. We mail your lines when you opt to install the lines at home. The customer provides the line lengths(under a 5KG load) in Millimeters, identifies the specific line materials, shares the desired line color(no guarantees we can match colors), ALL on your Eagle Service Ticket Form.  You may also choose to simply measure the good line on the opposite side of the glider, and this is our suggestion if you have more than 100 hours on your line set. Prepayment is required for self service orders.  Please note that we charge $15 for shipping of lines with free shipping for orders over $100.

Full Service Orders are priced base on the consideration that installing upper lines take more time. Eagle researches the line lengths,  and the specific line materials.  We manufacture the lines, unbuild the line cascades, removed the damaged lines, and rebuild the line cascades with the new lines.  You ship us your glider.

A 1 Hour Rack Inspection should be ordered for any glider which is sent to Eagle with no markings on damaged Lines needing attention. Having you mark all damaged Lines needing repair will reduce your cost. We can skip the rack inspection if you thoroughly mark all your damaged lines.  Select the 1 Hour Rack Inspection if you aren’t confident you have marked ALL damaged Lines on your glider, or haven’t marked any locations.  This will ensure all damaged Lines are identified and repaired.


Don’t Forget to Complete The Eagle Service Ticket Order Form

Shop Rates

  • $75 Hourly repair rate on glider repair
  • $25 Glider fabric per meter
  • $40 Brake line set
  • $28 – $55 Sheathed and Unsheathed Lines – mailed or installed
  • $495 complete line set install – Standard Metal Mallions
  • $595 complete line set install – Soft Link Mallions