Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands

We have availability for Flight Park Tandems through mid-May.  We resume Flight Park Tandems again starting in July. Our Mountain Tandem Season has ended, and will resume Mountain Tandems again in October.  Due to staffing issues we won’t be offering Summer Mountain Tandems.

Use our Contact Form or text us (805.968.0980) to check availability on your desired flying date(s), or simply indicate your desired flying date(s) at checkout in the “Order Notes” section. Once you book, look for an email with the Registration Form to confirm your date. Let’s go flying!

Flight Park Tandems with Eagle Paragliding are available year-round, and can be enjoyed by all ages. The flight park is our most consistent flying location. We can schedule tandem flights all day when Mother Nature is cooperating. 12:30pm is usually the best start time.  Each participant will get two flights from the top of the flight park. Passengers enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands to the south, and the Santa Ynez mountain range to the north.


All Ages Welcome…Lets go Flying!

What to Expect

We use a larger canopy designed to carry the weight of two people. Each person has their own harness, and the passenger and instructor are connected together with spreader bars. The Tandem instructor sits in the back and the passenger sits in front. We organize our equipment and do a simulation before our actual launch. The instructor double checks your buckles and straps, clips you in, and we turn and wait for a nice launch cycle. When the wind is right we build energy by running together as the wing comes overhead into the flying position. We run with the wing as we are lifted of the ground, up, up, and away!

Flight park tandem participants usually meet Eagles tandem Instructors at 12:30pm. However, we can meet in the morning of afternoon as well. Meeting sometime near 12:30pm gives us the best flying conditions at the flight park most days, and this also happens to be when favorable conditions are present for those hoping for coastal tandems.

Participants will Meet Eagle Tandem Instructors at the top of the flight park. Enter the flight park on the south side of Elings Park. There is an unmarked entrance at 2650 Cliff Drive. From either North or South, Take the 101 freeway and exit at Las Positas. Turn (South) towards the ocean. Las Positas runs into the roundabout at Cliff Drive. Follow the roundabout making a left turn onto Cliff Drive. The Park entrance is an unmarked driveway 300 yards up on the left. Make another left turn as soon as you see the broken double yellow line separating traffic. Follow the paved road to the left that leads to a dirt road. The road is well maintained, and accessible by all types of vehicles. Follow the signs continuing to stay to the left following the road to the top of the hill.

Be sure to avoid wearing any open toed shoes. Sneakers and other sport shoes are best. Pants and a long sleeve shirt are recommended, but if it’s warm shorts and a short sleeve shirt are just fine. We suggest bringing a jacket, and other layers in case of cooler weather. It’s better to have the option to peel off layers instead of being cold.

With bigger groups we will have more tandem Instructors flying participants. We will have no more than two tandem pilots in the air at the same time. The turn around at the flight park is quick, so we will have you back to launch in a few minutes after landing.

The coastal tandem is a $75 upgrade. We need the wind to be blowing for a favorable direction, and a minimum velocity to get the opportunity to fly tandem at the coastal site across the street from the flight park. We meet all participants at the flight park, and will make the short drive across the street if the coastal tandem is an option and you wish to upgrade. Flying at the cliff above the ocean is fickle, and this is the reason we don’t list it as an option. The coastal tandems are more likely to be an option in mid to late summer, but you shouldn’t count on the coastal upgrade being an option. Our probability of getting appropriate conditions to fly a coastal tandem is low.

The flight park tandems are a minute long each.  Occasionally we get thermals moving through the air that we can hang onto to extend the flight a bit. The flight park tandems are very consistent, and requires a small time commitment compared to our other tandem offerings.

This depends on the size of your group. We schedule more tandem pilots with bigger groups, which makes the total time commitment reasonable. You should plan on spending 30-60 minutes at the hill with groups of 2-8 people. We have accommodated bigger groups, and organized team building events with over 30 participants. We schedule more tandem instructors for bigger groups, and will have flown everyone in the group twice in 2 to 3 hours.

No, you can’t split up the tandems to have 2 participants each do one flight park tandem.

Yes, You are welcome to bring a GoPro, or other recording device. The best angle to film is with a selfie stick.  Some passengers choose to film with their phones. You just want to make sure you don’t accidentally drop your phone during flight.

The temperature at the flight park is normally mild.  You should be prepared for cooler weather by bringing options, and simply layer appropriately.

There is no sensation of falling with Paragliding launches and flights.  After being airborne for a few seconds you will realize the peace that comes from floating like a bird with the wind in your face. Participants with some apprehension are put at ease after arriving at the flight park and actually seeing what the flight looks like. The launch process is easy, and the landings are soft.

Yes, you need to be able to jog.  With lighter winds we will run for 10 to 15 steps, and with stronger winds we can expect to be airborne much sooner.

The glider has a specific placard for wing loading.  Overloading the glider can making launching and landing more challenging.  We suggest a 1 day solo training for anyone over 260 pounds. We have paragliders to accommodate participants over 300 pounds on solo flights.

The Fine Print — Tandems

If we are unable to complete your tandem due to weather, you will not be charged. Participants may schedule a tandem via email. Reservations are required, and only confirmed when held with a credit card, or full payment has been made. The deposit for tandems is the entirety of the fee. Deposits are refundable only if participants do not get to fly, or a cancellations is made at least 24 hours before a scheduled tandem. Eagle Paragliding reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the tandem programs or fees at any time. We strongly recommend that students have their own medical insurance. Most anybody can enjoy paragliding. If you don’t meet the weight requirement minimum, or have anything you feel may prevent you from having the physical or mental ability please contact us to inquire.