Raising The Bar for Whats Possible with Paragliding Service and Education

Your paraglider may be resting in the garage or a closet somewhere not having seen the light of day in way too long, or you may have had an epic flight or two this week. Either way, Eagle Paragliding and our worldwide tour destinations are ready for you and your paraglider.  Our tours are the ultimate location to knock the rust off, or get that first 100K 5-hour flight.

Our worldwide paragliding tours are renowned for their organization and execution. Our experience with continuing education and bringing together top instructors in the sport to work as a team on Eagle tours is unmatched. This team has been educating and guiding pilots safely for decades. We strive to continue raising the bar for what is available and possible with respect to paragliding service and education. Honesty, and integrity are core values at Eagle. All the information presented on our web site regarding our school, experience, and staff is accurate.

Colombia Tours
$2050 - $2700
European Tours
Prices TBD