Woody Valley Flight Deck


The Woody Valley flight decks are simply the best flight decks we have ever seen. The materials used and the design details are functional, clean, and superior to the vast majority of flight decks on the market. Also available is a flight deck with a reserve container and handle.

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Features include:

  • Steel Buckles attach flight deck to carabiners or harness
  • Female Buckle remains on carabiners or harness, making it easier to hook in before you fly
  • Large collapsible cavity underneath deck to allow for placement of ballast bag or personal items
  • Neoprene top cover stretches, allowing over sized GPS and Varios to be kept in the flight deck
  • Clear heavyweight plastic map storage
  • Side zipper to cavity allows user to open zipper to thread ballast tubing, or close the zipper for storage of personal items
  • Neoprene pocket with lanyard on front of flight deck for easy access to personal items used in flight
  • Neoprene pocket with lanyard on left side of flight deck for easy access to point and shoot camera