Woody Valley GTO Light 2 Windshield


The new removable windshield provides better aerodynamics and protects your face from the wind making your flying experience more pleasant than ever. Attaching and removing your windshield is really easy with the three strategic buttons on the cockpit.

The windshield really increases cold flying comfort, and can be the difference between  hypothermia and not. The windshield really helps. “Even with heated gloves, a down jacket, and brake toggle mitts my hands were still frozen, non-functional claws, but at least my core and face was warm because of windshield.” It’s like a motorcycle windshield (but low speed)… when it’s warm you don’t notice a windshield, except a little less wind noise, and maybe tiny bit of L/D. But when it is COLD, the air really sucks away your heat… so having the windshield direct the air up and over your face is HUGE for warmth. It’s definitely a big improvement in cold flying comfort.

*The windshield is an option sold separately