Flugsau GoPro Acro Magnet Mount


Our thousandfold proven magnetic holder has been newly revised and is now available in the fourth version, ideally configurable for every application!

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With the new version, the shooting angle can be adjusted without the use of a rigid tripod adapter. The GoPro (GoPro Hero – HD Hero3) is fixed in the version with adjustable mounting angle in the innovative soft housing. The soft housing is also compatible with all current Flugsau camera mounts (universal mount, leg mount, foot mount, magnetic mount).

With the magnet holder your actioncam will find new perspectives! Due to the low weight, it can be placed wherever you want it. Be this on the thigh (pants), on the harness, in the canopy, your creativity knows no bounds. Even on the sweater, it can be attached in seconds.

The new version is lighter and therefore ideally suited for mounting in the canopy (paraglider / speedglider).

The supplied GoPro Soft Case is compatible with all available GoPro models (GoPro Hero – HD Hero3).

100% designed, tested and manufactured by experienced paraglider pilots in Grafenort, Central Switzerland.

Attention! Despite the low weight, care must be taken when installing the shield. Especially when mounting in the Stabilo area, you should first make some Aufziehversuche to determine how your screen reacts. Flugsau GmbH rejects any liability.