Geigerrig Hydration Engine


This is hands down the best hydration system on the market. We have gone through numerous other hydration systems (will not name all of them), and the Geigerrig is the most durable and most practical. To keep it short, you can stand on this bladder with all your weight and it will not break, you have the option of pumping it up with air to pressurize it so you can drink easier, its easier to fill up, and you can turn it inside out to clean it in the dishwasher. The Geigerrig has won 2 “best new product of the year” awards at outdoor conventions in 2011 . The whole Eagle Team has ditched their previous hydration systems and all gotten the new Giegerrig. This thing is sweet!


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The Two Chamber, patent pending Ogwa Hydration reservoir (THE GEIGERRIG HYDRATION ENGINE) hosted exclusively by GEIGERRIG, has several key components that provide key benefits for any hydration pack user:

1. Slide Top and Wide Mouth: The slide top allows the entire top of the reservoir to open up to provide easy access for cleaning, drying and filling. – This slide top is a key product component that comes from our healthy relationship with the company Hydrapak.

2. Pressure Bulb: The pressure bulb and pressure tube provides the mechanism to pressurize our hydration packs utilizing the Patent pend. two chamber system. While it is not always necessary to energize your hydration pack for the purposes of: Spray to drink, Spray to Cool, Spray to Clean, Spray to Share…etc. It is certainly convenient to have this capability so that you can enjoy these benefits from the hydration pack on your back.

3. Surge Protector Valve: The bite valve has an on-off switch as well as a special configuration that makes it uniquely suitable for pressurized, spray hydration without leakage. – This Surge Protector valve is a great product benefit that comes from our healthy relationship with the company Hydrapak.

4. Quick Release Valves: Unthreading the pressure tube and drinking tube from your hydration pack every time you want to refill or clean your hydration engine is inconvenient. The quick release valves allow you to easily disconnect the tubes and leave them positioned in the hydration pack while you remove the reservoir for filling and cleaning.

5. #15 Denier Polyurethane: This is a tougher polyurethane that minimizes any ballooning affect that may occur when the reservoir is pressurized for spraying. GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs have a top quality Hydration Engine.

6. Compression Backing Nylon: This Nylon backing helps protect the reservoir as well as prevent any ballooning effect on the air side of the Patent pend. pressurized Ogwa bladder. Our hydration packs contain nylon sleeves that host the hydration engine, but the nylon backing on our hydration engines help slip the hydration engine into and out of our hydration packs while also providing additional protection from items that may be packed in your pressurized hydration pack.