Woody Valley Relax Bar


The RELAX-BAR is a product for all pilots who wish to fly with their legs stretched out forwards and their feet supported. In fact, many pilots consider this position
more comfortable than the classic seated position with feet dangling. This product is made in a universal size, and it is easy to adjust according to pilot height.

The RELAX-BAR is an optional extra that can be installed on all harnesses which include two loops at the edge of the seat; the other two fastening points are the
main carabiners.


Adjustable footrest bar for maximum comfort during flight. Fastening system by means of main carabiners and two loops set at the edges of the seat, present on all Woody Valley harnesses. Equipped with buckles to adjust the bar to fit the pilot’s leg length.

Weight: 188 g

The Woody Valley Relax Bar is designed specifically for use with Woody Valley harnesses.