Paragliding Condom Catheter


The new school pee tube set up is here. Forget the sticky condoms, which are not fun to remove.  You deserve better after an epic flight, or even a bomb out.

This all silicone condom catheter has everything going for it compared to previous designs. There is nothing sticky on your junk, and you can get 2-3 uses per condom.

There is a plastic connector between the condom and hose, which makes for an easy connect before launch.  No more walking around with a long surgical hose already connected before flying, and accidentally stepping on it and having it loosen or be pulled off. A larger bore silicone tube, which guarantees all liquid is out of the tube then you land instead of leaking all over once you detach.

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Intermediate 32 mm, Large – 36 mm, Medium 29 mm


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