Niviuk NKare Concertina Bag


Easy Folding
The NKare bag will help to quickly fold and care for your glider whilst maintaining its profile and integrity. It is an asset to have when packing the wing, allowing the pilot to correctly position, fold and neatly stacked-up the ribbed internal structure by placing the batons on the longitudinal axis in an “accordion” layout. This folding system will help ensure that both the material and the internal structures are maintained in perfect condition.

Full Protection
To assist with the packing, the NKare has three inner straps securing the wing in an optimum configuration. The NKare also features a small integrated riser protection bag to secure both risers in place and prevent any metal parts from damaging the wing whilst preventing lines and riser entanglement during storage.
The Nkare Bag has a fastening ribbon to fasten the leading edge. This cord is located on the upper and inner part of the bag, hence preventing any glider deformation.

For efficient air displacement, humidity formation prevention and wing damaging condensation, the NKare was designed with integrated air vents and non-closing ends. A full length high quality sleeved heavy duty zipper with vinyl snag-free protection will prevents pinching the fabric. The traveling direction of the zipper tab is from the trailing edge to the leading edge, allowing for the remaining excess air to escape while the NKare bag is being closed.


We sell the Medium size which is 490 Grams and 280 Cm long. This fits all wings sizes well.