Niviuk New Speedarms


The Niviuk Speedarms have been designed and made using the same textile material as that used in the professional cycling environment around the world. This proven, hard wearing and practical material is produced in Italy by a manufacturer who has one of the best reputations in the world for producing high quality clothing for the sport of cycling. We at Niviuk think we have now found the very best material and the best manufacturer to be able to bring to you Speedarms of the highest quality and style.

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Speedarms which are made in the “Spirit of Niviuk”

Technical data:
Composition of the speedarms:
– 80% Polyamide
– 20% Elastane
– 190g/m2
The composition of this material has been developed not only for its comfort and hard wearing properties but also for its high ELASTICITY which will allow the pilot flexibility and comfort when deciding which clothes (warm or cold) are to be worn underneath

Technical details:
– The speedarms have a full length zip which when fully closed is protected and locked. This enclosed zip section protects your face, neck and helmet from direct contact with the zip and also prevents unintentional zip opening.
– The sleeves have been specifically tailored to allow maximum movement and elasticity whilst providing the best aerodynamic advantage. This aerodynamic advantage also extends right down to the cuffs of the sleeve were you will find a thumb inserts, allowing a secure seal between sleeve and gloves.
– The chosen colours of the material and logos have been selected to represent both the corporate image and the “Spirit of Niviuk”. The colours of the material are UV50 tested and the logos are UV 40/50 tested. All the logos have been applied using the sublimation process, which ensures extreme bonding to the speedarm material and therefore long lasting high quality markings.
– To maintain a secure fit around the hips the speedarms have a grip band, which prevents the speedarms riding up and allows them to stay comfortably in place place.
– To ensure the correct fitting and to suit a wide range of weight and/or heights, 3 sizes are available:
– Size S : X04;1.60m – 60kg
– Size M : X04;1.75m – 75kg
– Size L : X05;1.85m – 85kg