Niviuk – Koyot 3 P


You are always in control thanks to easy and simple maneuverability – two attributes that complement perfectly with the lightness of a wing designed to turn your first flights into unbeatable experiences.

The Koyot 3 P is equipped with the most sophisticated technology, ensuring maximum safety and achieving excellent performance for progression without limits.

The wing’s gentle temperament will make you fall in love with each maneuver, offering a total sense of comfort from take off to landing. In addition, its good performance will also allow you to attempt cross-country flights.

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It’s time to take your first steps towards adventure. Or rather, your first flights. With the Koyot 3 P, safety is always at hand, allowing absolute control during all types of manoeuvres and conditions.

A light but very compact wing, with very little inertia and with smooth and progressive handling that allows you to feel comfortable – ideal for your enjoyment and progression as a pilot.

In addition, thanks to Nitinol technology (TNT), the Koyot 3 profile will withstand many hours of ground handling, folding, packing and trips without trouble. We know you will not be able to stop!

Turbulence is reduced to a minimum with the RAM Air Intake. The RAM provides optimised internal pressure for better airflow, and therefore improves its turbulence buffering ability. In this way, the Koyot 3 P is consistent at different speeds and facilitates flying at low speed, reducing risk of collapse and offering better control and stability.

We also reinforce the longitudinal axis of the wing with an extra seam that allows us to achieve more consistency and volume in the profile (3DL Technology). This means that the profile is cleaner, which benefits both performance and durability. The application of this innovation, in conjunction with the 3DP, is key to converting the perfect shape from 2D to 3D.

For better identification during the pre-flight phase, the risers come in different colours to differentiate right from left. The A-riser is split (Split-As) to help pulling effective big ears.

An innovative design and the various applied technologies have resulted in a highly controllable, lightweight wing with a wide range of possibilities so that your piloting evolves gradually and constantly. Without doubt, the Koyot 3 P is the best companion on your initial amazing adventures.

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