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The first steps are not necessarily the most complicated. Enjoy your paramotor flights with an Easy Handling wing, which is simple at take off and landing, with comfortable and precise handling throughout the flight. A glider for progression and enjoyment.

The Link 2 has an optimized internal architecture that is constructed using new materials and technologies to ensure maximum safety. From the moment of take off until landing, the Link 2’s feedback will turn flights into safe experiences for the pilot.

Its internal structure has been redesigned and optimized to achieve greater comfort during each phase of the flight.

Enter a new and wonderful world of adventures. With the Link 2 you will discover a wing with all the necessary features to make your first paramotor flights. Its simple and intuitive handling is combined with maximum safety to provide you with the best flight experience and allow you to expand your horizons through paramotoring.

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Size 21 (55-100KG)

Size 23 (70-120KG)

Size 25 (90-145KG)

Size 26 (105-170KG)

The goal set by Niviuk was not to simply create a glider for paramotoring but a Niviuk PPG glider with a difference. Using the very latest advances in design technology and the highest quality materials Niviuk now presents the Link a new glider designed specifically for powered flights and pilots new to the sport of PPG.

Our designers have researched, observed and spoken to many PPG pilots, clubs and schools, asking exactly what they wanted and expected from a paramotoring glider. By using the gathered information and putting it to work with Niviuk’s applied knowledge in design and technology, a new paramotoring glider has now arrived. The Link is a PPG glider which exceeding existing standards while maintains the unique Niviuk touch and flight characteristics.

Flight made easy
Not only does the Link promote confidence and comfort, it also brings peace of mind in flight from the start. The motor is on your back, your equipment is ready and you are set to go but there is almost nil wind. With the LINK the problem is resolved.
Designed for a simple, easy and efficient launch by taking a few steps forward, the glider will gently climb overhead without overshooting the pilot and be ready to fly. With the roll, pitch and yaw under full pilot control due to its well-thought-out design, pleasure under the Link is only a few steps away.

The Link ‘s unique profile will assist you to maximize engine efficiency, performance and distance. We all fly to enjoy pure bliss, not to experience fear or concern. Now with its high stability and minimum pitch, role and yaw you can experience powered flight in complete confidence, comfort and control. For the student or established pilots the Link is the PPG glider of choice. We invite you to enter the realm of the Link and discover the true meaning of the meaning of: ‘flying at will’.

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