Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P


Weighing only 3.3kg and with an extremely reduced packing volume, this single-surface tandem has the capacity to carry loads of up to 190kg on endless adventures.

Unimaginable take-offs, incredible flights and gentle but absolutely controlled landings. Unmatched manoeuvrability to share your passion.

Innovation is not just going one step further, but exploring new directions. Discover the wing that marks a milestone in the world of paragliding.

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Innovation is not just going one step further, but exploring new directions. Discover the wing that marks a milestone in the world of paragliding.

The Bi Skin 2 P has been certified as EN B. It is the lightest tandem wing in the world. Designed for leisure flights as well as commercial flights, this single-surface glider only weighs 3.3kg and for the first time both pilot and passenger can share the thrill of flight, hike & fly and vol biv adventures using the same wing with complete safety.

Available only in one size, the new Bi Skin 2 P marks a milestone in the world of paragliding due to its weight and extremely small packing volume. It is also surprisingly agile and is capable of instilling a high degree of confidence in the pilot and, consequently, the passenger.

The selection of the materials for the Bi Skin 2 P has been key to meeting our three objectives: to produce an extremely lightweight, safe and durable sail. A single-surface wing without undersurface, the upper surface is made from Porcher 32g cloth and the leading edge is made from Porcher 38g, where flexible Nitinol rods also offer more durability and form stability. Light and thin risers (12 mm) are made from robust Kevlar Webbing and the lines are unsheathed Aramide, except the brakes, which carry less load so are made with Dyneema to further reduce weight.

The combination of all these elements plays a key role in each phase of flight. Starting with a quick, surprisingly easy and very short takeoff. In nil wind, this single-surface 31 m² wing inflates above the pilot and passenger without requiring time, effort or excessive space; which makes it ideal for takeoffs from narrow or difficult areas like the peak of a mountain, a rocky slope or in snow.
Due to the sum of several aspects, the manoeuvrability of the wing will impress during the flight. The six closed cells provide great internal pressure and, therefore, consistency and responsiveness to pilot input. The low curvature of the wing prevents any pendulum effect and due to the examined line plan and its perfect load distribution (to 190 kg), the wing flies smoothly. The short brake travel provides excellent control in turns and direct but very responsive handling, which is augmented by the ease with which the risers are handled. Finally, the extreme lightness of the entire wing ensures that the inertia and aerodynamic drag will be reduced and ultimately, thanks to its superb performance, the pilot and passenger can enjoy a new wing model that goes beyond being just a paraglider for top-to-bottoms.

Another important aspect is the landing, where safety and accuracy are paramount. Thanks to the effective trimmer system which comes as standard, the Bi Skin 2 P is able to transform its momentum into a smooth glide, allowing good energy retention and roundout for a soft and fully controlled touchdown. Thus, it is not only possible to land in areas unthinkable for a conventional wing, but both pilot and passenger have a perfect end to their flying experience.

The Bi Skin 2 P is certainly a unique and revolutionary wing that marks a milestone not only in the world of tandem paragliding but in the general paragliding market as well.

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