SIV Clinic


A confidence inspiring hands-on experience over 3 and a half days
SIV stands for Simulated Incident in Flight. Then why isn’t it SIF. Well the French got a head start on us here, and the French translation is ‘Simulation d’Incident en Vol’ and roughly translated means simulating unstable situations in flight. Vol means Flight in French so we call it SIV. These clinics gives pilots a new awareness of their wing and how to handle events which are presented while flying in the wild. Participating in a SIV Clinic will increase a pilot’s confidence and open a new dimension of flying a paraglider. The SIV Clinic goes beyond theory. You get hands on experience, and develop the feel to handle situations instinctually.

No-Refund Policy *
Due to the unpredictability of weather and the limited nature of our service we are unable to offer refunds for SIV clinics.

2022  SIV DATES – Let us know which clinic you wish to book in your purchase notes


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Your SIV Instructor should be world class
Eagle has always sought out the top SIV instructors to educate our alumni. It’s critical to train only with instructors who can actually do the maneuvers they are teaching you. The SIV Instructor should also be able to tumble, and be a professional acro pilot. Only then can an SIV coach have a the full scope and skills to be considered worthy of teaching other pilots SIV. One other very important detail is to make sure your SIV instructor has a dedicated boat driver, and can give 100% of their attention to the students on tow and doing maneuvers. We have organized clinics with these instructors since 2002. Eagle eventually purchased a boat and winch in 2007, and offered top-notch SIV clinics through 2015. We took a year off in 2016, and in 2017 we got really lucky and had one of the worlds best SIV coaches join the Eagle Team.



This guy speaks 5 languages
Dilan Benedetti has been doing clinics in California for 2 years now. Pilots who have sampled a wide variety of SIV clinics continue to tell us they learned more at Dilan’s pre-clinic than they have at other complete SIV Clinics. Dilan is in his element completely, and very passionate about the education and experience he is giving pilots. The guy speaks five languages. His clinics are completely sold out each season, so you will want to get booked early to get a chance at this educational opportunity. Eagle sold Dilan our boat, winch, and SIV Clinic equipment so he could make the SIV Clinics his own business. Anyone as dedicated as Dilan deserves all the success he has with his student’s. After over a decade of running our own SIV clinics, we fully understand the energy and commitment it takes to run a high quality SIV clinic.



No-Refund Policy *
Due to the unpredictability of weather and the limited nature of our service we are unable to offer refunds for SIV clinics.
You acknowledge this policy when purchasing a spot in the clinic. If we are unable to complete SIV due to weather, you will have the Monday following the SIV Clinic as a potential make up day. Programs are transferable to another individual with our approval. Reservations are required, and only confirmed when full payment has been made. The deposit for the the SIV Clinic is the entirety of the fee. Deposits are refundable only if a qualified replacement student can be found for your reservation with our approval. We reserve the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the SIV Clinic programs or fees at any time. We strongly recommend that students have their own medical insurance. If you have anything you feel may prevent you from having the physical or mental ability please contact us to inquire.