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Note: Tour spots won’t be sold until priority booking for Eagle Colombia Tour Alumni, and Eagle School Alumni has ended.  This will be in September of 2023.  We suggest adding your name to The Waitlist now.

Bringing Together Top Instructors in the Sport to Work as a Team

The 2023 Eagle Colombia Tours were completely sold out. We offer priority registration to Colombia Tour Alumni, and Eagle Paragliding Alumni. It’s a great idea to get on the waitlist for the 2024 Colombia Tours now.  There is no deposit required to get on this list.  You must simply complete the Colombia Tours Waitlist Form, and we will contact you to book available spots once the priority booking window has ended.

A $1000 deposit per tour will secure a spot on the 2024 tours once we open registration to the masses. 

Be sure to reach out to us about the specific airline flight arrival and departure times so they meet our criteria before you book a flight

2024 Eagle Colombia Tour Rates and Dates

  • Private room – $2850 per week with Venmo or Paypal, and $2964 Credit Card Purchases
    • Venmo(@rob-sporrer), or PayPal (
  • Double room – $2450 per week with Venmo or Paypal, and $2548 Credit Card Purchases
    • Venmo(@rob-sporrer), or PayPal (

Colombia Tour #1 – Get on the Waiting List

Travel Day – Friday, January 26 – Tour #1 arrives
Flying – January 27 to February 2 – Tour #1 flies
Travel Day – Saturday, February 3 – Tour #1 travels home

Colombia Tour #2 – Get on the Waiting List

Travel Day – Saturday, February 3 – Tour #2 arrives
Flying – February 4 to February 10 – Tour #2 flies
Travel Day – Sunday, February 11 – Tour #2 travels home

Colombia Tour #3 – Get on the Waiting List

Travel Day – Sunday, February 11 – Tour #3 arrives
Flying – February 12 to February 18 Tour #3 flies
Travel Day – Monday, February 19 – Tour #3 travels home

Once you have been paragliding with Eagle in Colombia, it’s hard not to want to return every year. There is a reason we have a 70% return rate for past Colombia tour participants, and these tours sell out every single year.  Colombia tour alumni are given priority registration each year followed by Eagle Alumni.


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Taking a trip like this will get you to the next level as a pilot, and give you a new confidence. You can literally come off the couch, be a brand-new pilot, or be a seasoned veteran to get a bunch of airtime, education, and experience with us at Eagle Paragliding Camp in Colombia.  You have a flying machine that fits in a backpack, and can be checked onto a plane like normal luggage. How the heck can you say no to a trip like this? Jeff Shapiro from Team Kavu covers the Eagle Colombia Tours

Expect 7 days of flying, daily coaching, evening debriefs, and evening presentations by each of our exceptional guides. Here is an Eagle Paragliding Colombia Tour Video by one of our Frequent Flyers on the tour Joe Paparazzi (Thanks Joe – great edit!). Don’t forget the cross-country tandems you will take with our guides over mountains and flat lands, which are all included in the tour at no additional cost. These tandem flights are perhaps the best educational opportunity available for thermal and cross country flying. In what other sport can you be front row with a professional living the experience?  I would love to jump on Kelly Slater’s surfboard and drop into a wave with him at the pipeline, while he coached me on what decisions he was making and why. I would want to know what he is looking for, what he is seeing, and what he is trying to determine affecting his choices. We can do all of this on a cross- country tandem instructional flights. You take all of this tandem knowledge to your personal flying. After already having been there once before, you have a really good idea of what going on up there, and what the next move should be. The paragliding guides on the Eagle Colombia Tours are Marty DeVietti, Brian Howell, Chris Garcia, Jeff Shapiro, Rob Sporrer, and Logan Walters.

We stay at a 5-star hotel. EVERYONE will have reliable air-conditioning and hot water.  The plane ticket and your daily lunch are your only other expense on the tours.

Please email us with which tour(s) you want to join, and if you want a private room, double room, or the triple. We need to reserve your spot at the new hotel now.  Your space will be reserved when we receive your non-refundable deposit of $1000 per week.

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