1 Day Tune Up


Building your knowledge and skills

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There is a reason certified pilots from all over the world seek out our guidance and insights with a tune-up. It’s not just a good idea for pilots who have been away from the sport for some time. Our flight park and consistent conditions provide our students an opportunity to have our staff evaluate their performance and knowledge, with a common goal of making you a well rounded paraglider pilot. You can direct us on particular areas you wish to focus, and we will offer input on areas where we can see you benefit. We tell our graduates to get with as many good instructors as possible after receiving their pilot certification. Our clients are blown away with what we add to their base as a pilot, and usually extend the training. Some opt to sign up for “Eagle For Life” program once they see the value. It’s a great value for anyone planning to spend a week every year or so in Santa Barbara flying with our team.