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8 Flight Minimum Over 2 Days – Lessons will stop at 12:30pm since midday conditions often get thermic. 
Fly Solo within a Few Hours of Starting Your Training.  Yes You can do this! Fly solo within a few hours of starting your training! Yes, You can do this!  We get 11 year olds, Grandmas and Grandpas, and everybody in between flying solo within the first few hours of the initial training. Imagine your first day attempting to surf, and being able to stand up getting minute long rides within a few hours of starting.  That’s what you can expect with Eagle’s 1 Day Training at the best paragliding flight park in North America. You can email or text us to check availability on your desired flying date(s), or simply indicate your desired flying date(s) at checkout in the “Order Notes” section. Lets go flying!

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There is a good chance we have instructed more one day student paragliding training sessions than any other school in the North America. There is no prior experience necessary. Our famous flight park, and the largest all-star staff of current instructors in California allows us to engineer the environment to get a wide variety of ages flying solo like a bird within a few hours of arriving for the training. People are amazed at how quickly they fly. Our team has been educating and guiding pilots safely since 1998. The Eagle Team provides unmatched service and attention to our students, and is why referrals make up the biggest portion of our participants. Only Eagle will give you the opportunity to fly from the top our bunny hill on your first flights.  We provide all the equipment. Our proximity to the ocean keeps you from overheating, and all your energy is saved for flying since there is no hiking. We pick you up after landing, and drive you back to launch.

The daily training sessions begin at 8am during daylight savings time, and 9am when it’s not daylight savings.  We start with an equipment introduction and demonstration. Then we begin launch simulations and glider control on the ground with the aid of your instructor. After practicing the launch sequence and ground control, we move to the launch area and discuss your first flight plan in detail. We cover the launch sequence, steering control, and the landing. We answer any questions and concerns at the end of our flight plan discussion. At this point, you are ready to enjoy your first flight. All flights are solo, radio-supervised, and entirely self-paced. Flying is really the easiest part of the equation. It’s all smiles after the first flight, and students are amazed with how simple it was to fly like a bird. The student’s confidence is usually growing with each flight, and most students are surprised by how quickly they are progressing. As you progress we will introduce new concepts to help you improve on your technique.  After a day of flying you may decide you wish to continue with the Novice Pilot Certification Program. We apply your one day training fee toward the Novice Package should you wish to sign up for our complete program.

The Novice Certification Program is discounted to $1950 for students who support our staff and school with the purchase of a complete Basic Equipment Package. Students with other plans on where to purchase equipment pay $395 a day for training as they work toward Novice Pilot Certification. Students need a minimum of seven days training to become certified. Daily payments are maxed on day ten. The amount of days required for each individual student to achieve Novice Certification is at the sole discretion of Eagle Paragliding. Students who are already full USHPA members, and started paragliding programs elsewhere or have a paramotoring background pay $395 a day when working with Eagle Paragliding toward completing their Novice Certification Program. Eagle will confirm your previous training dates in order to meet the minimum standard of seven days training to become certified. Daily payments are maxed on day ten. The amount of days required for each individual student to achieve Novice Certification is at the sole discretion of Eagle Paragliding. Regardless of which program you choose, once Eagle certified, you enjoy all the benefits of being an Eagle Paragliding Alumni. These benefits include no cost for P3 and P4 ratings, continued coaching and support, and priority access to our worldwide paragliding tours and paragliding clinics.

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