Become a Licensed Novice Paraglider Pilot
Unlimited Training and Solo Certifications for Life!

USHPA Requires a Seven Days Minimum of Training

This Certification Program has a Ten Day Payment Maximum

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Students with a paramotoring background making the crossover to free flight fall under our Silver program, unless the pilot is planning to purchase free flying equipment with Eagle. Crossover students planning to purchase equipment with Eagle would qualify for the discounted Gold Program.  Under the Silver Program Crossover students pay $395 a day for training as they work toward Novice Pilot Certification. Students need a minimum of seven days training to become certified according to USHPA regulations. Daily payments are maxed on day ten of the Silver Program. The amount of days required for each individual student to achieve Novice Certification is at the sole discretion of Eagle Paragliding. We can prorate the Silver Program cost if we can confirm training days previously completed with USHPA certified Flight Schools. Regardless of which program you choose, once Eagle certified, you enjoy all the benefits of being an Eagle Paragliding Alumni. These benefits include no cost for P3 and P4 certifications, continued coaching and support, and priority access to our worldwide tours and clinics.

This is the start of your free-flying career. You will learn and develop a philosophy on which to build a long, and safe flying career. A solid foundation, and continuing education are principal concepts in staying safe and having fun during your paragliding career. You will have the greatest success learning to paraglide if you can immerse yourself in the course, and continue flying or kiting regularly after completing your training. The learning never ends, even for our team of all-star instructors, and that’s a big part of what makes this never-ending journey so enjoyable. We strive to continue raising the bar for what is available and possible with respect to paragliding service and education.

Being a certified P2 pilot means you will have the knowledge, skills, and judgment to fly without direct instructor supervision. You will acquire knowledge and skills in ground handling, glider management, meteorology, thermal flying, cross-country flying, ridge soaring, flight maneuvers, and risk management. You get as many self-paced training days as you need during your certification process. Most students complete the P2 program in 9-10 days. Students who travel from out of the area can expect a maximized return on the time they have set aside for paragliding training. The mild Southern California climate offers year-round instruction at a facility which maximizes the time dedicated to pilot training. We offer a lifetime of coaching for all Eagle alumni, and there is no cost for your P3 (intermediate) and P4 (advanced) certifications.